Creation Points

Method 2:
900 CP to spend

  • 5 CP = 1 skill point (81–00)
  • 4 CP = 1 skill point (71–80)
  • 3 CP = 1 skill point (61–70)
  • 2 CP = 1 skill point (41–60)
  • 1 CP = 1 skill point (up to 40)
  • 20 CP = 1 Moxie
  • 10 CP = 1 aptitude point
  • 10 CP = 1 Trait
  • 1 CP = 10 caps
  • 1 CP = 5 rep

Traits may also be purchased at the cost of 10 CP per specialization. You may purchase traits for both Active and Combat skills.

If you want more caps to spend on gear, every CP will get you 10 caps. The maximum CP you can spend on additional caps is 100.

If you want your character to start play with lots of social capital, you can increase your Rep score(s) at the cost of 1 CP per 10 additional points. No individual Rep score may be raised above 80, and the maximum amount of CP that may be spent on Rep is 35 points.

Moxie may be raised at the cost of 15 CP per Moxie point. The maximum to which Moxie may be raised is 10.

Your Aptitudes are a measure of how you interact with the world, how well, and how quickly. At the start of the game, you have 105 Aptitude points to spend for free. You may increase this amount with Creation Points. Each Aptitude must be given at least 5 points.

Cognition (COG) is your aptitude for problem solving, logical analysis, and understanding. It also includes memory and recall.
Coordination (COO) is your skill to produce smooth, successful movements. It includes manual dexterity, fine motor control nimbleness, and balance.
Intuition (INT) is your skill at following your gut instincts and evaluating on the fly. It includes physical awareness, cleverness, and cunning.
Reflexes (REF) is your skill at acting quickly. This encompasses your reaction time, your gut-level response, and your ability to think fast.
Savvy (SAV) is your mental adaptability, social intuition, and proficiency for interacting with others. It includes social awareness and manipulation.
Somatics (SOM) is your skill at pushing your body to the best of its physical ability, including the fundamental utilization of the morph’s strength endurance, and sustained positioning and motion.
Willpower (WIL) is your skill for self-control your ability to command your own destiny.

Combat Skills:

Small Guns COO Proficiency at using weapons that fire standard ammunition.
Big Guns COO Proficiency at using weapons that cannot be held(vehicle mounted weaponry, weaponry requiring power armour to use or that fire extremely large rounds of ammunition ex. missile launchers, cannons)
Energy Weapons COO Proficiency at using energy-based weapons.
Explosives COG Proficiency at using explosive weaponry, disarming mines, and crafting explosives.
Unarmed SOM Proficiency fighting with fists, either with gloves or knuckle weaponry
Melee Weapons SOM Proficiency with using weapons that do not fire projectiles, and are used to beat, bludgeon, and cut.

Active Skills:

Barter SAV Proficiency at trading and haggling. Also used occasionally as a bribe-like alternative to Speech.
Deception SAV Proficiency at lying and cheating. Also used occasionnaly as a dishonest-like alternative to Speech.
Doctor COG Proficiency to heal wounds, cure disease or poison, and properly apply chems.
Gambling INT Proficiency to tell when to fold, or go all in.
Lockpick COO Proficiency at picking mechanical locks.
Pilot REF Proficiency at driving all manner of vehicles. Lack of this skill does not disable the ability of driving a vehicle but will hamper maximum speed.
Mechanics COG Proficiency at repairing items and crafting items and ammunition.
Science COG Proficiency at hacking terminals, recycling energy ammunition, creating chems, and using knowledge to outwit or convince.
Security COG Proficiency to determine or construct lines of defense, establish where the best places for traps are, and discover weak points in either your own or another’s grid.
Speech SAV Proficiency at persuading others, talking your way out of combat, and convincing people to give up vital information.
Sneak REF Proficiency at remaining undetected and stealing.
Survival COG Proficiency at cooking, making poisons, and crafting “natural” equipment and consumables.

These are your origins, your childhood and early teenage years. Players can begin the game at age 17, this is the beginning of true adulthood in the wastes. Most if not all societies(not including Vaults) recognize that when people reach this age, they are responsible for themselves.

Creation Points

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